Beautiful.  Soulful.  Rebellious.


Within yoga, we find a place to connect, a place to share and experience our inner and outer worlds, a place to breathe and to sweat, to suffer and cry and laugh and shine. BillyYoga is a celebration of this living process. It focuses its energy on the most important journey in life – the one that goes inward, into our own hearts – and guiding us on this journey is the knowledge that yoga is always always changing, always harmonizing, and always perfecting.  




Billy leads yoga and meditation retreats around the world.  Full of culture, community, laughter and self-exploration, these retreats illuminate the soul.  

Illuminated Life

This blog features weekly DHARMA talks, video, and other worldly musings.

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Outside of his weekly classes, Billy conducts private sessions, workshops, and corporate functions.


"Yoga is a mind, body and spirit experience. Peeling away those layers and moving towards that egoless self to get to that place where you feel more open. This will be where we truly meet ourselves and each other."
-Billy Potocnik