Billy leads yoga and meditation retreats around the world.


These unforgettable adventures are filled with laughter, exploration, and illuminations of the spirit. They are a way of jettisoning the unwanted and going deeper into the self as we explore the world around and inside us – lighting up the soul as a group and as individuals.



Experience an in-depth look into Billy’s retreat in Guatemala.



BillyYoga Retreats Are...

"Retreats are a great way to spread the message of compassion to a group of people. There’s so much to give, to reach out and touch more people. The greatest thing we can do is serve and connect - and that’s really what it’s all about. Helping each other to experience ourselves, and to open our hearts completely. You come on a retreat with a life, a job, kids, responsibilities, roles you play in other’s lives, and you get to put that on hold to work on pointing that arrow inwards, towards your own heart. Take responsibility for living a brighter life, filled with more love and gratitude. Shifts take place. People share their stories. We experience new cultures, new friends." 

- Billy Potocnik

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BillyYoga Retreats Offer:

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Dharma

  • Personal healing

  • Cultural immersion

  • Excursions + Sightseeing

  • Connecting with others

  • Lifelong friendships

  • Spiritual ceremonies

  • Local Nutritional Cuisine


Upcoming Retreats

Nepal (OCT 23 - NOV 8)


Discover the wonders of the Himalayas, Buddhist temples, and so much more as we immerse ourselves in Nepali culture.

Past retreats

Northern France


Macchu Pichu, Peru 


In June 2018, experience a journey to the lands of French legends and sacred Celtic history. 

In March 2018, join Billy in Tulum, Mexico for a week fun, sun and yoga on the beach.

Yoga, meditation, and other transformational experiences in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

The most important journey is the one into our own hearts. That rhythm of moving through life knowing that our yoga is always beginning and always everywhere.
— Billy Potocnik


It is difficult to put into words the experience that I had in Costa Rica this past April. Billy is a true gift to anyone who comes in contact with him. Not only because his yoga classes are AWESOME and you come out of them in the most wonderful yoga haze, but because of the person he is. Each morning we would start out with a seated meditation while he walked around the room just talking through what was on his mind. The crazy thing about Billy is that his words seem to resonate with everyone in the room, and it just makes you feel so good inside! He is a genuine soul, he has a good heart, he pushes you mentally, soulfully and physically, and he really makes a yoga retreat an extraordinary experience. Don’t miss out on something amazing and go!
— Katie B.
The 2013 retreat to Bali with Billy was a once in a lifetime experience. A life changing adventure with morning yoga in an open-air studio overlooking the rice paddies and mountains, followed by afternoon excursions to various sites including a Balinese temple, a cooking school, and the local marketplace. The retreat offered the perfect combination of Billy’s fantastic yoga classes with immersion in Balinese culture.... a trip I won’t soon forget.
— Jen K.
I had done 3 yoga classes in my life when my daughter called and said we should go to Costa Rica for this yoga retreat with one of her favorite yoga teachers. A week of yoga, are you serious? Well, with an open mind, we went on the retreat not knowing what to expect. It turned out to be the greatest week, so much more than I could have ever imagined. Billy made me feel so comfortable in his class; his way of helping when you have wrong alignment or are in a difficult pose.

Whether you’re in class or having dinner or at the beach, Billy is so great to be around. His energy in contagious, and his classes are absolutely the best!
— Mark B.