Soul Igniter. Illumination Guide. Light Warrior Coach. Yoga Teacher.

I help people develop spirit-based habits and mindfulness to create the lifelong open-hearted resiliency to truly be the person they want to be, feel the way they want to feel, and live the life they truly want to live with freedom, joy, gratitude, and inspiration on a daily basis.

As Teacher, Coach, and Guide I have worked with thousands of people over 25 years and I have helped many people move through their own pain, suffering, and anxiety and cultivate their own mental, physical, and spiritual growth to raise their consciousness and live healthier, more loving, connected, and meaningful lives of purpose and passion. 


Yoga // Meditation // Spiritual Retreat Leader

  • I lead retreats all around the world. Destinations have included - Bali, Peru, Mexico, France, Guatemala, Hawai’i, Colorado, California, and - in October 2019 - Nepal!

Teacher // Speaker // Coach

  • Mindfulness, Health, and Wellness Speaker and Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Teacher for corporations, businesses, private groups and events, and individuals. Companies include - LRXD Advertising, Comcast, Mapquest, TechStars, AOL, Canopy Advisory, Thinkful, and Lario Oil & Gas. Creator of Light Warrior Coaching for groups and individuals. Working on my first book.


  • practice creation

  • Igniting daily inspiration, connection, manifestation

  • heart-centered living focus

  • improving emotional intelligence

  • self-healing, stress-reducing, technique application

  • process-oriented, introspective philosophy and mindset- cultivate whole human awareness

  • unlocking, unblocking, and elevating

  • practical application of techniques and technologies

  • awakening creative expression

  • discovering your inner-mystic

  • gaining clarity, intuition, focus, and confidence

  • letting go of thoughts, stories, and dysfunctional patterns- witness consciousness and self-observation

  • owning your life, speaking your truth, breaking through