giving back.

The world is in need of love, so as often as possible, Billy donates his time to charitable events and donation-based classes.  

I enjoy doing charity events and donation classes because they give us an opportunity to give back in a unique and extra way. Being gracious and giving with our time, money, and energy is an important part of our yoga. The yoga of selfless service is known as Seva Yoga and is an important part of the broader path of yoga. I don’t know about you, but I often feel overwhelmed by all of the important causes and needs in the world. The suffering and the pain on our planet and the amazing things that individuals and charitable organizations do to try and bring awareness and momentum to serve and help to ease that pain and suffering is humbling and inspiring. Whether the event is modest or large, just being able to serve in this way for a positive cause brings so much gratitude to my life. What a beautiful and moving opportunity we have to practice living the dharma giving and serving.
— Billy Potocnik

Currently Billy is working to benefit: ACC (African Community Center), Planned Parenthood, Environment Colorado, Green Peace, Women’s Empowerment Org, and Syrian Refugee Eye Glass.